Writing 5th Hour
Here is a link to the Longman Dictionary online:
Longman Dictionary Online
This is a free ACT practice site. Just sign up and start practicing. Let me know if you have any questions.
ACT Practice site
Class Blog Address
Author's Tone Practice
Commonly Used Tone Words
See the easily confused words on pages 6-8
Clause explanations

Semester 2: Quarter 4

6.7.2013 All your papers that you want to improve, MUST be turned in by Monday!!!!!!!!!

Any assignments that say RE-DO in the gradebook, MUST be turned in by Monday or they become 0 in the gradebook!

Missing booktalks----last chance on Monday.

AR---last chance on MONDAY

6.2.2013 New BLOG assignment is posted on the class blog. Find it here: http://terhuneclass.blogspot.com/

Work on revising your papers. Check gradebook in case you are missing or have to re-do assignments.

READ AR!!!!!!!!! Last quizzes this week!!!

Literary Terms Quiz #2 is on Thursday.

PowerPoint presentations are happening on Wednesday! No late presentations are accepted!!!!!!!!!!

Please, TALK TO ME if you have any questions.

Tuesday and Wednesday this week, extra help available after school.

5.29.2013 Literary terms quiz on THURSDAY!!!!!!!! Keep working on your research!
5.13.2013 NWEA Vocabulary quiz Tuesday! Grammar packet due on Tuesday as well!!
5.9.2013 Essay is DUE on FRIDAY! Blog post is due Sunday evening!!!!!
Vocabulary Quiz is on Tuesday!!!!!!!!!
5.8.2013 FINAL COPY OF ESSAY is due on FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4.29.2013 Peer editing happened in class today. We will be typing your essays on Wednesday during 4th hour.
4.22.2013 The Argumentative Essay Planning sheet is DUE: tomorrow (Tuesday)
4.18.2013 Here are the links to the videos we watched today in class:
Figurative Language Video
Test taking Vocabulary
4.15.2013 Your 5 journal entries are DUE tomorrow!!!!!! Make sure you write all of them in the voice of the same character!

Resources from Quarter 2

Essay Format Video This is the one we reviewed today in class.
Essay Format visual

Resources from Quarter 1

Verb Tense Table