U.S. History and Civics Resources

U.S. History and Civics

Ellis Island Tour
Angel Island
Immigration in to the US
List of books relating to American History
Movies about World War II
Movie Title
Movie Details
Days of Glory
About North African soldiers fighting to free France
The Pianist
Survival Drama about the Polish ghetto
Letters from Iwo Jima
In Japanese: told from Japanese point of view
Flags of Our Fathers
American culture of war: told from American perspective
Schindlers’ List
How a business man decides to save Jews during World War II
Saving Private Ryan
Combat film about WWII
Bridge Over River Kwai
Older film from 1957: Allied troops assisting Japanese war effort in building a bridge
The Thin Red Line
War in Asia: Battle of Guadalcanal
The Longest Day
Pearl Harbor
About the attack on Pearl Harbor on Dec.7, 1941
Navajo language as a code during WWII
World War II Resources
WW II Animated
WW II in the Pacific animated
Enola Gay and the Manhattan Project

Resources for WWI to the beginning of WWII
Gone with the Wind movie trailer Watch this on YouTube
Grapes of Wrath movie trailer
Famous excerpt from Grapes of Wrath
Fireside chats--listen to the audioCartoon from 1930sFireside chats--worksheetsFDR Information
The Sun front pages--fun look at history
FDR Audio Links
Civics Practice SiteCivics Multiple Choice Questions with answersHistory Guy--with tons of civics stuffGreat site to see and hear about history Definitely worth checking out!!!!!!!History of the World in 7 minutes2011 Events with an Interactive Map Really cool site to see what happened this past year. Check it out!Crete an online timeline You might want to do this for US History exam review. Who knows, well done work might get you extra credit (no promises though...)

Use this to practice locating the countries on the map!!

WWI Timeline
The Great War = World War I
From the History Channel--great resources
Trench Warfare
Trench Warfare Game
Videos about World War I
More videos about World War I
Life in the trenches during WWI
6 minute colored movie clip of WWI
War Horse movie trailer This is an epic movie about WWI coming to theaters on December 25th!!!!!!!!!! (You can find more clips on YouTube)
Bilingual Glossaries
Tons of US History stuff
Open Door Policy
League of Nations
League of Nations Timeline
The Boxer Rebellion
Germany after World War I
Europe after Wolrd War I
Tons of WWI stuff--many links
Map of Euroope after World War I

20s and 30s in The United States
Roaring 20s
1920s--including pictures
Jazz music
The Lawless Decade--including the birth of radio
The Scopes Trial
Lindberg--many details, pictures etc.
Harlem Renaissance
Immigration to the United States 1789-1930
Organized Crime
Mafia in the US
Blues Poems
US History Quizzes online
The Great Depression
Roaring 20s Presentation

Interesting Stuff for Civics Class

Spin your line from presidential debates 2012
Citizen Responsibilities
Citizen Rights
All about election 2012
How to Win the White House Online Game
Budget Hero--online game
Electoral College
Easy guide to government
Government for Kids
Civics WebsiteHuman Rights--You can read this in ARABIC!!More Civics helpDemocracy for KidsUS citizenship questionsNewspapers from around the world In many different languages!!!!!!!!