Reading 4th Hour
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AR Website
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Longman Dictionary Online
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Root Words & Prefixes
Suffix List
365 Most Tested Vocabulary Words
Guide to Literary Terms

Semester 2: Quarter 4

6.7.2013 All your papers that you want to improve, MUST be turned in by Monday!!!!!!!!!
Any assignments that say RE-DO in the gradebook, MUST be turned in by Monday or they become 0 in the gradebook!
Missing booktalks----last chance on Monday.
AR---last chance on MONDAY
6.2.2013 New BLOG assignment is posted on the class blog.
Find it here:
Work on revising your papers. Check gradebook in case you are missing or have to re-do assignments.
READ AR!!!!!!!!! Last quizzes this week!!!
Literary Terms Quiz #2 is on Thursday.
PowerPoint presentations are happening on Wednesday! No late presentations are accepted!!!!!!!!!!
Please, TALK TO ME if you have any questions.
Tuesday and Wednesday this week, extra help available after school.
5.29.2013 Literary terms quiz on THURSDAY!!!!!!!! Keep working on your research!
5.21.2013 Here are the constructed response questions that I will check tomorrow:

4. Why would an author decide to write this article “Assessing Elderly Drivers: Ability Means more than Age.”? Use details and information from the article to support your answer. (Constructed response: 2 points)

8. According to the article “When should you take keys from elderly drivers,” what are some of the consequences of cognitive changes that happen in elderly people? Constructed response. (2 points)

9. What steps should a family member take to ensure that we are creating a safer environment for elderly drivers? Use details and information from both articles to support your answer.(4 points)

5.15.2013 Don't forget to read your article for Friday!
Also, there is a BLOG POST due on Monday!
You SHOULD be practicing your literary terms as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Quiz is coming next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5.13.2013 Read your article for Friday and be ready to discuss it in your group!
Practice NWEA vocabulary!!! Quiz on TUESDAY!
5.9.2013 Don't forget to read your AR!!!!!!!!!!!!
5.6.2013 Complete the rot word index cards for tomorrow. They are due in 4th hour!!!!!! Don't forget the blog assignment! See link below!
5.5.2013 Blog assignment is posted! It is DUE Tuesday evening! Assignment Link
4.29.2013 Romeo and Juliet Quiz #3 is on TOMORROW!
Don't forget your AR book!!
Romeo and Juliet Unit Test is on Thursday!!!!!!!!!!
4.23.2013 Don't forget the questions for the next quiz! DUE: Wednesday!!!!!
2 multiple choice questions
2 short answer questions
4.22.2013 Bookclub meets tomorrow the first time! If you want to be part, remember that you have to read chapters 1-3!
Also, check the blog for an assignment!!!
4.18.2013 Don't forget: Vocabulary Quiz is on Monday during 4th hour!
4.15.2013 Here is what is happening: Vocabulary quiz on Monday, April 22, 2013
You MUST comment on the blog by Tuesday, April 16, 2013 11:59 pm
Don't forget to read the next scene in Act III for Wednesday!!! Think: POP-quiz??? Maybe???

Resources from Quarter 3
Here is a Romeo and Juliet game that you can play: Romeo and Juliet Game
Guys Read
Obama's speech
Power of Words
My Story in Words
Six Word Memoirs

Resources from Quarter 2

Stories for the final exam:

Here is what we listened in class today: The People by Common
11.28.2012 Here is what we did in class today:
Music of the Night Song with lyrics
Magnetic North: Drift Away
Drift Away Lyrics
11.26.2012 Here are the poems that we listened to today:
Ode to Coffee
O Captain! My Captain!
Here is what we watched in class today: Free Verse
Here are the link that we watched today in class:
Ballad example
Sonnet example
The Man from Snowy River: Narrative example

Great speech by a famous U2 singer and Human Rights Activist Bono. Here is the link to his speech:
Bono's speech

Resources from Quarter 1
Noun Quiz
Verb Tense quiz
Proper and Common Nouns
Correct verb Tense

Verb Tense Practice #2

Conjunction balloons
More conjunctions
More difficult conjunction practice
FANBOYS explained We might look at this in class next week!
Conjunction Practice

First verb game

​The Most Dangerous Game film link: The Most Dangerous Game film

Questions: Here is Mrs. Terhune's e-mail:

Flocabulary Website Username: centralstudent Password: centralstudent