5th Hour Writing Group AAA with Ms R.

Supplies for Extra Credit

  • Notebook paper (3 points)
  • Sticky notes (1-6 points depending on the size)
Quizzes and Tests for 4th Quarter

Homework for 4th Quarter
6-6-2012 Work on your Power Point! You should show me what you have done by Thursday 4th hour!
  • For 1 point extra credit; Send my your ideas about books that you could see yourself reading next year (you never know, maybe I will write one, or I will find them during the summer). This is due by Thursday!!!!!
6-5-2012 Work on your research project!!! I MUST see your power point on Wednesday!!!!!!
6-1-2012 Work on your research project!!!!!!!!!
5-29-2012 DOL review!!! Think about rules! paragraph writing practice on Wednesday.
5-25-2012 Paragraph is DUE on Tuesday!!
  • Check Study Island: One assignment and one extra credit is there!!!!
5-23-2012 Study for tomorrow's TEST!!
  • Check out Study Island assignment.

  • Extra Credit opportunity is on Study Island.
5-22-2012 All the questions for Romeo and Juliet UNIT test are DUE Wednesday!
  • e-mail them to me as soon as possible
5-15-2012 Brainstorming activity! DUE: Wednesday!!!!!
5-14-2012 Study for prefix quiz on Thursday
5-3-2012 Read AR and practice vocabulary!!! Vocab quiz is coming next week!!!!!!!
5-1-2012 Finish Act IV Summary for Wednesday!!! Use timeline to help you!!!!!!
4-24-2012 Complete your study guide as much as you can based on today's reading!
4-23-2012 Study for tomorrow's quiz!!!!!!!
4-19-2012 Finish Scene 5 in the packet. Study for Tuesday's quiz on Acts 1-3. Complete Study Island by SUNDAY evening
4-18-2012 Finish the homework that you started in class. DUE: Thursday

Grammar practice site "easier": Road to Grammar Junior

Grammar practice site "harder": Road to Grammar
4-16-2012 Complete ALL missing assignments. Finish the reflections about Photo-Essays.
Vocabulary Website link: Vocab Practice Site
RASHED:: Complete ALL missing work!!!!!!!!
4-11-2012 Finish writing 2 paragraphs about the two films; finish study guide; study for quiz
4-10-2012 Read AR and work on your Romeo and Juliet Study Guide for Act II
4-9-2012 Finish your prefix chart; Study for tomorrow's quiz