5th Hour Writing Group A with Mrs. Terhune

Supplies for Extra Credit DON'T LEAVE THESE FOR THE LAST DAY!!!!!

  • Notebook paper (3 points)
  • Sticky notes (1-6 points depending on the size)

Test and Quizzes
Essay writing prompts for final exam June 2012: You may write 10 key words on a note card and bring the card to the exam with you. ONLY English!!

Here is the list of prefix words that will be in the final exam. You got a list on Friday in class.

Rubric for final exam essay

Homework for 4th Quarter

6-8-2012 choose your essay prompt! Last chance for extra credit is on Monday!!
6-6-2012 Work on your essay! You should show me what you have done by Thursday 3rd hour!
  • For 1 point extra credit; Send my your ideas about books that you could see yourself reading next year (you never know, maybe I will write one, or I will find them during the summer). This is due by Thursday!!!!!
  • Here is a link to MLA formatting and in-text citations: MLA Format
6-5-2012 Finish your reflection for Wednesday! DUE: 3rd hour!! Extra Credit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6-1-2012 Here are the websites that I showed in class today:
5-30-2012 How to include quotes in your text? See below.

5-29-2012 Check Study Island assignments! Make sure you read the DIRECTIONS!!!!!!!
  • Half of the rough draft is DUE on Wednesday 3rd hour!!!!!!!!!!
5-23-2012 Brainstorm DUE Friday 3rd hour!!!!!! Get ready to Rap!!!!! Booktalks on Friday!!
  • Last Study Island assignment!! for 5th hour!!
  • Extra credit opportunity for 5th hour--> check Study Island!
5-22-2012 Final copy of the summary (altered course of the play) is DUE: WEDNESDAY!

  • Make sure that your summary is LONG enough!!!! Too short --> you will lose points

5-21-2012 Final copy of the summary (altered course of the play) is DUE: WEDNESDAY!
  • Make sure that your summary is LONG enough!!!! Too short --> you will lose points

5-18-2012 See list:
  • Prefix words that you want in the final exam
  • Summary or story draft DUE. You must have it in your hand when class starts!!
  • Mahmoud vocab for weekly article

5-15-2012 Last chance for Global Water Crisis Reflection!!!!!!!
5-14-2012 Study for tomorrow's prefix quiz (5th hour); Re-do Prefix chart;
  • Reflection amnesty: MUST be turned in by Tuesday!! If you turned in on Monday in class (or had sent it to me earlier), you will get an extra credit point!! :-)
5-1-2012 Nashaat, Muna and Diana --> Vocabulary assignment is due on WEDNESDAY!!!!!!
4-27-2012 See homework on 3rd hour page.
  • You MUST write down which lines you are performing on Thursday!!!!!!
4-24-2012 Re-read the article that we read in class today. We will talk a bit more about it on Thursday.
4-23-2012 Read AR!
4-19-2012 Complete Study Island by Sunday evening. Advice column letters are due: Monday 3rd hour
4-18-2012 Finish the fight scene homework
Grammar practice site "easier": Road to Grammar Junior
Grammar practice site "harder": Road to Grammar
4-16-2012 Check next k-12 for missing assignmnets.

Vocabulary website link: Vocab Practice Site
4-13-2012See below what is due:
1.revised prefix chart
2.Paragraph about your photo-essay's purpose:
    • Write a paragraph in which you explain, as the author, your purpose in creating the photo-essay.

3. Photo essay reflection: See below for directions.
    • Write a reflection of one or more paragraphs in which you connect the experience of creating your photo-essay to other photo-essays that you saw in class. Also, reflect upon what you have learned as it relates to you academically and personally.

4. Don't forget to get feedback for your photo-essays

4-11-2012 Finalize your Photo-essay presentation. SEND me your final copy of the presentation!!!!!!!!
4-10-2012 Reflection on the Article of the Week is DUE on Monday 4.16.2012
Work on your Romeo and Juliet Study Guide
4-9-2012 Work on your photo-essay AND study for tomorrow's prefix quiz; chart due on Tuesday 5th hour.

Here is the order that your paragraphs should appear in your essay.

Mega Site for all Grammar related handouts and practices

You Are Your Words Who would like to be the first to try this out???

Classwork for 3rd Quarter**

Check out these prefix, suffix, and roots in English language
Coordinating Conjunctions
Grammar Link--You can either print or do online
We looked at that in class...here it is for you

Power Point on commas, colons and semicolons

Check out this very clear handout on subject-verb agreement!!

10 Most Common Grammatical Errors




Quizzes and Tests for 3rd Quarter

Essay Vocabulary, Sample Format, Transition Words & Revision Checklist
If you lose your graphic organizer, here is a copy of it!
Here is the same copy but with lines!!!!!!

Essay Format Sample

How to format your essay in MLA style in Word
Use the above link to format your essays correctly.
MLA 7th edition Guide
Use the above link in formatting and in citing your sources in your essay.
Purdue OWL website
This website has tons of stuff for writing
Handouts from Utah Vally State College Writing Center
The above website has all their handouts in PDFs --> really easy to read and understand

Supplies for Extra Credit

  • Notebook paper (3 points)
  • Sticky notes (1-6 points depending on the size)