4th Hour Reading

Supplies for Extra Credit

  • Notebook paper (3 points)
  • Sticky notes (1-6 points depending on the size)

Test and Quizzes
NWEA Testing vocabulary. This is a very similar list that we worked on in class today.
NWEA Vocabulary list
6-11-2012 Last day for AR quizzes

Homework for 4th Quarter

6-8-2012 Read AR!! Last chance for AR is on Monday!!
6-6-2012 Work on your Power Point! You should show me what you have done by Thursday 4th hour!

  • For 1 point extra credit; Send my your ideas about books that you could see yourself reading next year (you never know, maybe I will write one, or I will find them during the summer). This is due by Thursday!!!!!
6-5-2012 Work on your research project!!! I MUST see your power point on Wednesday!!!!!!
6-1-2012 Work on your research project!!! AND read!!!!!!!! Be ready to take a quiz on MONDAY!!!!
5-31/2012 Below are the links for your research:
5-30-2012 Reading AR!!!!
  • Aziz booktalk!!!
  • We will start a new project on Thursday

5-29-2012 Reading!!! We will be reviewing vocabulary for final exam on Wednesday!!!!!!!
5-23-2012 Study for Friday's Romeo and Juliet TEST!!!!!!!!!!!!
5-22-2012 Work on studying for Romeo and Juliet UNIT test on Friday!
5-16-2012 READ!!!!!! And study for tomorrow's prefix quiz!
5-15-2012 Last chance for Study Island!! READ AR!!!
5-14-2012 Romeo and Juliet quiz on TUESDAY!!!!!!! Last chance for Study Island!!
5-11-2012 read AR!!! Amin: Booktalk on Monday!!!!!!!
  • Rashed, Fuad and Aziz: You MUST do Study Island Romeo and Juliet Act V!! It is already late!!!!!!!!!

5-3-2012 Read AR and practice vocabulary!!! Vocab quiz is coming next week!!!!!!!
5-2-2012 Read AR!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5-1-2012 Study for tomorrow's quiz!!!!!!!!!!!
4-30-2012 Take Study Island Act V Test!!!!!!! Finish your study guide (page 1) and vocabulary!!!!!
4-27-2012 Finish reading Act IV scene 5 on Romeo and Juliet. Here is the link directly to scene 5:
Act IV Scene 5
  • Work on your Study Guide
  • Take the Study Island Act IV test
  • Study Vocabulary
  • Read AR!!!!! Be ready to take AR quiz on Monday!!!
  • Practice word Work and reading on this website: MAP Reading Website for Practice

4-26-2012 Work on your Act 4 study guide for Romeo and Juliet. Read AR!!!!!!!!!
4-25-2012 Read AR!!! Check your grades for today's work!
4-24-2012 READ AR Books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4-23-2012 Study for tomorrow's quiz!!!!!!!!
4-18-2012 Complete Study Island Act III by Sunday evening. RASHED!! Do your STUDY ISLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4-16-2012 All missing work must be turned in on Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4-13-2012 Read your AR book. Get ready to take an AR quiz on Monday!!!!!!!!!!
RASHED: Here is a clip. When you watch this, you can then find others as well!
Romeo and Juliet Movie Clip
4-11-2012 Finish the Act II Study guide for Romeo and Juliet. Study for Act I-II quiz that is tomorrow.
RASHED: Do your Study Island assignment!!!
4-10-2012 Turn in tomorrow: Brainstorm and one sentence about your photo essay. Send me your pictures via e-mail.
1996 version of Romeo and Juliet Capulet's Feast Scene
1968 Romeo and Juliet Capulet's Feast scene

Here is a link to the Modern Version of Romeo and Juliet online--no more excuse "I forgot my book in my locker." Also, check the app on the link page.

Modern version of Romeo--complete play and Juliet

Listen to English Vowels with Video Instructions
MAP Reading Website for Practice This is the website for Wednesday!!

Wednesday 4-25-2012 Agenda:
  • Complete the new Study Island assignment--this will only be open during 4th hour
  • When finished with study island, continue to practice reading and doing word work on the website "MAP Reading"
  • Everyone should do these assignments: (If you above level 220, you can do the harder ones)
  • When you are done with the above ones, you may do any of the activities that match you level (or just above it)

Classwork for 3rd Quarter




Quizzes and Tests for 3rd Quarter

Mid-Term Exam Study Guide
Here you can download the exam study guide:

1st Semester Short Stories

Little Red Riding Hood

Three Little Pigs

Great Spelling Practice Website

These are words that may/could appear on quizzes and tests. It is recommended that you know these words!!!

Map of Huck and Jim's trip --> see this link Map of Huck and Jim's Trip

  • Read the directions online before beginning the test
  • You have 120 minutes to complete the test
  • You have only ONE try. You cannot pause the test once you start it
  • You have to get 75% minimum in order to get credit for this quiz (higher % means higher grade)
  • Here is Mrs. Terhune's e-mail: terhunej@gee-edu.com

Interesting Stuff for U.S. History Class
See page for Civics and US History resources

Interesting Stuff for Civics Class
See page for Civics and US History resources

You may use this format when you are writing your letter to the President!

Download this Reading log if you lose or misplace yours!

Here is a copy of the 2 column notes we have used in class!!!!!!