3rd Hour Reading

Test and Quizzes

Here are the reflection articles for the final exam. You need to choose which one you will write the reflection during the exam. Choose ONLY ONE!! Let me know which one and I will print it out for you!

Here are the literary elements for final exam:

NWEA Testing vocabulary. This is a very similar list that we worked on in class today.
NWEA Vocabulary list

6-11-2012 Last day for AR quizzes
5-30-2012 Last day for AR quizzes for seniors

Homework for 4th Quarter
6-12-2012 DON'T forget to bring your article to the exam on Wednesday!!!!!!
6-8-2012 Read AR!! Final quiz date is on Monday! Choose the article you want to read for the final and I will print it out for you!
6-6-2012 Work on your essay! You should show me what you have done by Thursday 3rd hour!
  • For 1 point extra credit; Send my your ideas about books that you could see yourself reading next year (you never know, maybe I will write one, or I will find them during the summer). This is due by Thursday!!!!!
  • Here is a link to MLA formatting and in-text citations: MLA Format
6-5-2012 Finish your reflection for Wednesday! DUE: 3rd hour
6-1-2012 Your homework is to READ!!!!!!!!! Select your reflection article for the final exam, and let me know which one you choose!
5-29-2012 Your rough draft has to be at least half done!!!!!! Check out Study Island assignments.

5-25-2012 AR on Tuesday 3rd hour: SENIORS: Last chance for booktalks!!!!!
5-23-2012 Brainstorm DUE Friday 3rd hour!!!!!! Get ready to Rap!!!!! Booktalks on Friday!
5-22-2012 Booktalks ALL on Wednesday! Final copy of the summary (typed copy) DUE: Wednesday 3rd hour!!
5-21-2012 Booktalk on Tuesday: Omar and Sumia. Others if we have time. Final copy of the summary (altered course of the play) is DUE: WEDNESDAY!
5-18-2012 Read AR!!!!!! Booktalk: Nashaat and Haifa; others if time. Reflection is DUE also!!!!!!!!!
5-16-2012 complete an Extra Credit assignment on Study Island. Study for Thursday's UNIT TEST!!!
5-15-2012 You will need your BRAINSTORMING in class on Wednesday! Keep reading AR!!!!!!
5-14-2012 Study for tomorrow's prefix quiz (5th hour); Re-do Prefix chart;
  • Extra Credit Study Island assignment is DUE by Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5-11-2012 Do NOT forget to read AR!!!!!! Omar and Sumia: book talk on Monday!Check grades! I added AR points!

5-3-2012 For MONDAY: Mark the Sonnet 18 and the Prologue with the Iambic Pentameter: unstressed and stressed syllables! Continue to read AR!!!!!!!!
5-2-2012 Practice your lines for tomorrow's reading!!!!!!!
5-1-2012 Practice your reading part for tomorrow!!!!
4-30-2012 STUDY for tomorrow's quiz. Take Study Island test!!! Finish your study guide!
  • Complete Act IV Study Guide.
  • Don't forget to study the vocabulary!!!!
  • Read AR.
  • Take the Study Island Act IV Test.
  • Online Tracking article reflection is DUE on MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!! Make sure that your reflection is long enough! Put some thought to it!!!!

4-26-2012 Work on your Act IV Study Guide. Read AR!!!!!!!!
4-25-2012 Read AR!!! Check your grades for today's work!
4-24-2012 READ AR!!!!!!! See below for the Power Point Notes

4-23-2012 Get ready to begin Act IV on Tuesday. Read AR. Let me know if you are ready for booktalk.
4-19-2012 Complete Act III Study Island by Sunday evening. Advice column letters are due: Monday 3rd hour
4-18-2012 Continue to read Romeo and Juliet. Complete Act III Study Island by Sunday evening.
4-16-2012 Read Romeo and Juliet to prepare for tomorrow
4-13-2012 Complete your reflection on the Detroit article. DUE: Monday 3rd hour. Read AR!!!!
4-11-2012 Finish the Act II Study guide for Romeo and Juliet. Study for Act I-II quiz that is tomorrow
4-10-2012 Three paragraphs comparing and contrasting the 1968 & 1996 film versions of the Capulet's Feast scene in Romeo and Juliet. DUE: Wednesday 3rd hour
4-9-2012 Work on your Photo essay. See handout for more information or see below for DUE dates

During Spring Break: Work on your Photo Essay; DON'T FORGET to send to me your rough draft!!
  • See the assignment handout on when things are DUE!

ALSO: Read AR!!! Last chance for quiz for 3rd quarter is on Monday 4/9/2012

Here is a link to the Modern Version of Romeo and Juliet online--no more excuse "I forgot my book in my locker." Also, check the app on the link page.
Modern version of Romeo--complete play and Juliet

Link for the website to check new young adult books: Find New Books to Read
Website to check if the book has an AR quiz: AR Quiz finder

If you don't have the questions, here they are!!!

Download this if you lose or misplace yours! No more excuses!
Word Parts Online Practice
Common Prefixes and Roots Chart

MAP Reading Website for Practice This is the website for Wednesday!!

Wednesday 4-25-2012 Agenda:
  • Complete the new Stud Island assignment--this will only be open during 3rd hour
  • When finished with study island, continue to practice reading and doing word work on the website "MAP Reading"
  • Everyone should do these assignments: (If you above level 220, you can do the harder ones)
  • When you are done with the above ones, you may do any of the activities that match you level (or just above it)



Quizzes or Tests

Mid-term Study Guide for 3rd and 5th hour:

Short Stories for Mid-term

The Three Little Pigs
Little Red Riding Hood

Map of Huck and Jim's Trip

Check out this website where you can listen to Huck Finn on Mp3: Huck Finn mp3
Read Huck Finn Online This text pretty much matches the Mp3

These are words that may/could appear on quizzes and tests. It is recommended that you know these words!!!

Quizzes or Tests
  • Read the directions online before beginning the test
  • You have 75 minutes to complete the test
  • You have only ONE try. You cannot pause the test once you start it
  • You have to get 75% minimum in order to get credit for this quiz (higher % means higher grade)
  • Here is Mrs. Terhune's e-mail: terhunej@gee-edu.com

Cool Sites to Check Out
Slavery Footprint Interesting interactive website to check out

Snapanda android app Check out this app if you have a smart phone!! English definitions for free with this app!!! Sounds cool!
Google Translate App for FREE

Online easy to use dictionary

Wordnik--Dictionary online Really easy to use!!!!!

Online Dictionary with pictures
Online translator
Quick Online Dictionary

Online Literary Elements Handbook (with audio)
Litcharts app online
Speakit --converts text to speaking on chrome
Google Dictionary on Chrome